Yoga Before Bed – Easy Sleep Yoga Stretch Routine

yoga before bed

This yoga before bed – easy sleep yoga stretch routine is good at relaxing your tense muscles and helping you unwind after a long (and maybe stressful) day. Although this is a great routine to do right before bed, you can definitely do this post workout as well.

7 Signs You Might Be Orthorexic-Orthorexia Nervosa

orthorexia nervosa - 7 signs you might be orthorexic

Orthorexia nervosa is the new eating disorder many men and women are developing. Its an obsession with eating only foods perceived to be of a certain status in terms of health, calories, or origin. The disorder is characterized by anxiety, ritualistic thoughts and behaviors, and excessive pickiness with food. Orthorexia nervosa is a serious mental … [Read more…]

Beginner Total Body Fat Burning HIIT Workout – Low Impact HIIT Cardio

beginner HIIT workout

Wether you’re new to HIIT or not, this workout can be done by either level you’re at. It’s especially great for beginners, because it slowly introduces them to HIIT but it also prepares them for some more advanced HIIT workouts.

Advanced Belly Fat Burning Workout – Lower Abs and Strong Sculpted Core

Advanced abs workout

This advanced belly fat burning workout uses my top 10 favorite abs exercises all in one routine. It will help strengthen your core as well as sculpt it so those ab muscle can get more visible.