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I’ve just had my first call with Ritta and all I can honestly say is wow!! Having read her blogs and watched her Youtube videos online, I was already inspired and compelled by her determination and willpower to get through what I call, the demon inside my head, which is Anorexia. read more


Ritta is such a caring and lovely person who always takes the time to help and support others. I’ve found that not many people will take the time out to answer questions like Ritta does and I have found all her information very helpful for my recovery!

Rachel (@lovemymiddle)

Ritta is a great coach, caring, passionate about helping others, kind and thoughtful. I like the deep questions she asked that no one has ever asked me before…questions I wouldn’t ask myself. They made me really dig deep and learn a lot about myself and allowed me to do a lot of emotional healing…….. read more

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