How To Get Rid Of Love Handles – Cardio Workout For Muffin Top Fat Burn

how to get rid of love handles

How to get rid of love handles is a question many of us ask. We all have parts of our body that we favor the least. No one wants a muffin top, and luckily there are things you can do about it. You can start with smart exercising. By smart exercising I mean by mixing … [Read more…]

Will Fat Make You Fat? Why You Should Never Go Fat Free

will fat make you fat

Will fat make you fat? I want to make it clear why fat does not make you fat! Eating healthy fats that come from clean sources such as raw nuts and seeds, fish, good quality oils and even good quality dairy products are both very healthy and essential for you. You’ve probably heard that the … [Read more…]

Lower Body Thigh Slimming Pilates – Lift and Tone Glutes, Thighs & Lower Abs

lower body thigh slimming pilates

This lower body thigh slimming pilates workout is a great way to shape your legs and even your lower abs. It helps lift and tone your glutes and thighs without intense impact. All though pilates may seem boring or easy at times, if you do it the right way you’ll really feel the burn!