total body hiit and strength training workout

Killer Total Body HIIT & Strength Training Workout

This total body HIIT and strength training workout is my go to type of routine, when I don’t have much time, but still want to get in a great sweaty workout. I know we don’t usually have much time to workout, and the good thing is, we don’t necessarily need that much time. You can honestly get in a greater …

healthy fruit tart

Healthy Fruit Tart – No Bake & Super Easy

I would lie if I said that this healthy fruit tart is just delicious. It’s way more than delicious and I’ll let you be the judge of that as soon as you make it and try it! This was my first time trying to make it as I needed to make a healthy dessert for my husbands birthday party. For …

hypothalamic amenorrhea

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea And How You Can Get Your Period Back

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea How to get your period back is all you’ve been thinking about for months or maybe even years! You never thought that your body could leave you without periods with all the stress, over exercise, under eating you’ve been putting it through. Amenorrhea is something overweight women can get also, but if you’re reading this then the loss …

chair workout

20 Minutes Intense Chair Workout – Sculpting & Shaping Lower Body Workout

This chair workout is my favorite lower body strength training workout that I’ve filmed so far! Before I started filming these videos, I used to always just follow my workouts on paper. Now I really enjoy doing the workout watching the videos. That way I feel like it’s easier to pick a workout and more organized.

exercise bulimia

Exercise Bulimia – You Don’t Have to Exercise To Eat

I’m not sure if exercise bulimia is a real word but it sure is a real “thing”. It’s not a very well known eating disorder, but it exists and can be very dangerous. Basically regular bulimia is where your purge after you eat. Instead of purging, with exercise bulimia, you “workout/burn off” the food you just ate.