hiit yoga

HIIT Cardio Fat Busting Workout With Yoga Cool Down

This HIIT cardio fat busting workout, is not only great for fat burn but also at toning and increasing your metabolism. It’s going to leave you high on energy and make you feel good the of the day. It’s not the most brutal HIIT workout, but you can honestly make it as hard or as easy as you want to. 

gluten free protein cookies

Gluten Free Protein Cookies – Made With 1 Crazy Ingredient

You’ll never guess what crazy ingredient I used in these super tasty, gluten free protein cookies! They’re made with only 7 real food ingredients (if you count the salt and cinnamon). They only take a half hour to make from start to finish. I’m always looking for easy, tasty, and healthy treats. I came up with these when I was …

thigh slimming and butt shaping workout

Thigh Slimming and Butt Shaping Workout with Strength, Cardio and Pilates

In only 26 minutes this thigh slimming and butt shaping workout will make you feel like you’ve been working out for an hour! Like I always say; don’t underestimate the shorter workouts. By the way that’s 26 minutes without warm up or cool down. Add those in and you have a roughly 40 minute workout, which is more than enough …

Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss Diet Warning – Why You Should Stop Dieting IMMEDIATELY!

Weight loss diet (s) are the biggest waste of time, energy and money. First of all we all know diets don’t work. When people write diet books or suggest specific diets for people to go on, there are a lot of things they haven’t taken into consideration. The simplest thing being that we’re all different and unique bio-individuals. One persons …

Quinoa Apple Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa Apple Breakfast Bowl

I can’t tell you how much I’ve fallen in love with this quinoa apple breakfast bowl. I love everything that has to do with fall, anywhere from clothes, colors on the trees and of course the foods! And this quinoa bowl is definitely fall inspired. It also has become a staple in my house. Of course this meal can be …

30 Minute Brutal Full Body Workout

30 Minute Brutal Full Body Workout for Strength and Fat Burn

You’ll be surprised how sweaty this 30 minute brutal full body workout can make you. I honestly has no idea that I could sweat this much from just lifting weights. This is just one reason I love strength training.  With workouts like this you get the effect of a cardio workout without all the impact (Just to mention one of …