stress and anxiety

Reduce Stress and Anxiety With This Super Effective Supplement

We all know that the less we stress and anxiety we have the better health we’ll have. I’ve talked a bit about not wasting so much energy on thoughts that don’t serve you, and instead focus more on things that do. That’s exactly what we do when we’re stressed out. Wasting lots of energy on things as simple and meaningless …

how to gain weight

How to Gain Weight, Freedom and Your Life Back!

How to gain weight when you know you need it, but too scared of the idea of not being able to fit your clothes anymore? Or you fear that you won’t look as lean and fit as you used to be.¬†

how to stop eating

How To Stop Eating With Fear & Control

What are your favorite addictive foods that you don’t know how to stop eating with fear and control? You can’t eat chips without eating the whole bag? You can’t have some ice-cream without finishing the whole jar? Do you feel weak around sweets? Cakes, muffins, cookies, chocolate, you name it.

what i eat in a day

What I Eat In A Day – How To Eat Healthy WITHOUT Dieting

“What I eat in a day” videos have not been my favorite videos to watch in the past, because I’ve seen lots of people make the mistake of thinking that they should eat exactly the same as everyone else. Lots of people “force” their diets onto others because they think that their way of eating is exactly how everyone else …

binge eating

What to Do After A Painful Binge Eating Episode

So everything’s going great and you haven’t been binge eating for a long time. Out of no where you find yourself in a relapse, right back into binge eating. You binge eat so much that you can’t move and hardly breathe. I’ve been there!¬†