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3 Serious Side Effects of Too Much Exercise + My Personal Story

Is too much exercise taking up all your time and energy? Are you missing out on life because of too much exercise? You force yourself to exercise even when you’re sick, tired and exhausted? Do you feel worse after your workout, instead of feeling better? Maybe you workout to compensate for overeating or just eating? All these are signs of too much exercise and now it’s time to stop missing out on life because it’s NEVER worth it!¬†

I never thought there was such thing as too much exercise!

About five years ago I’d wake up at 5.30 am and workout for 30 minutes, come home from work and workout for another 30-45 minutes. I did that 6 days a week and on the 7th day I’d “just” make sure I moved a lot throughout the day to make sure I burned more calories.

It was very “innocent” at first. I thought I was being cool, different, and actually doing something good with my life if I just locked myself in my room and exercised till my body couldn’t take it anymore. I thought I was cool for saying no to going out with family and friends.

Too much exercise was my number one priority in life. Almost like my life depended on it. So much that I’d get really mad if something or someone interfered with my exercise. If my husband or family told me to stop working out I’d get upset with them and do it even more! Then I got to a point where I just hiding my workouts from them.

For me, when I started over exercising it wasn’t because I wanted to lose more weight. When I started over doing it with too much exercise, I had already gotten to a place with my body where I was pretty happy. But greediness came in when I realized how stress relieving exercising was.

You see, when you exercise a lot, you can’t really think. You forget about your issues, your stress, your life and just be present during your workout. Which is exactly the feeling I got addicted to. Exercise became my coping mechanism to dealing with my stress and depression. It gave me a sense of control. A control that I had lost when I moved to America…

So after living in Denmark for almost my entire life, I moved to America because my husband lives here. I gave up my family, friends and just everything I had there. The hardest thing for me was my brother. I basically raised him until he was 3, and when I found out (after I got married) that I couldn’t go visit my family for 4 years, because I wasn’t an American citizen yet I lost it. I lost control over my life. It caused me so much stress and depression. I felt like I didn’t belong here and I really didn’t know myself anymore.

I always tell people that I felt like I was born all over again, only now as an adult. Because I didn’t like that and because I couldn’t go visit my family, the next best thing I knew to do was run away from my life with my workouts.

Like I said earlier the only way I knew how to cope with this sense of being out of control was by controlling my exercising, later on my food, and one thing kept leading to another.

  • Consider where you’ve felt like you’ve lost control over your life
  • How are you dealing with it? By controlling your calories? By too much exercise?

Too much exercise caused me to lose the most important thing

My period! As I kept ignoring all the signs my body was giving to take a rest, I started to struggle with sleep, lack of appetite, lack of sex drive, hair loss, fatigue and finally I lost my period. Which in my opinion is one of the most dangerous side effects of over exercising, if you’re a woman.

Long term amenorrhea can cause bone loss, osteoporosis and so many hormonal issues. The sooner you deal with this too much exercise issue, the better it is! Even if you don’t lose your period, over exercising will still cause bone loss. And why would you want that? Building lean muscle mass is first of all much sexier, and secondly muscle burns way more calories than a body that doesn’t have much bone mass.

In a previous article/video I talk more about how too much exercise caused me lose my period

Another thing too much exercise can cause is insomnia. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue and cannot be ignored. Insomnia can lead to a whole host of other issues that you don’t want to have. Even though your body is exhausted from too much exercise, your heart is still beating fast at night and your body is still recovery from your workout, instead of letting you sleep.

Besides all the health issues you might suffer with from exercise addiction, like the one I mentioned earlier including, weakened immune system, joint inflammation/ damage, sprained ligaments, strained or torn muscles or tendons, loss of TIME is another dangerous side effect!

Is all that exercising worth your time if you really think about? Do you really want to miss out on social events, just so you can get in a workout and look leaner than everyone else? Do you really want to keep causing relationship issues because of your exercise addiction?

Your time is too valuable to waste it on too much exercise. This is time you can never get back. Save that time and energy and use it something more important. Something meaningful that builds on good memories.

I promise you can workout in half the time and get the results that YOU want. Not what your ego or society wants you to have, but what YOU want! I wrote an article on how to workout smart and why more isn’t better that you’ll benefit from reading/watching. Stop wasting time on too much exercise.

If you resonate with my story and this article, please share it with others you know will benefit from it. I’d love to hear what your story is around exercise addiction or what your relationship to exercise is like. Comment down below!

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