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Abs and Obliques Workout – Plank Challenge to Lose Belly Fat

This abs and obliques workout is gonna burn to the core! I love this routine because it really targets your entire core. From the front of your abs to your obliques, and even your back. It’s very important to have a good balance between the  front and back of your core. If you build too much strength in the front of your abs, you’re going to have an imbalance and that’s not the goal!

Abs and obliques aren’t the biggest muscles of your body and therefor you don’t burn a big amount calories doing core workouts. It’s still very important to do exercises like this one so you can build your core strength. When you”re doing heavier workouts such as HIIT and strength training, you’ll notice that you require a lot of balance from your core. So building are strong core is more important just just focusing on getting a six pack.

Now, a six pack isn’t the worst thing in the world, so if that’s your goal, then you need to work your core the smart way. You need to incorporate some HIIT, lower body strength training, upper body strength training, cardio, Pilates and of course core workouts like this one. This abs and obliques workout is an excellent routine to do after another type of workout wether it be HIIT, cardio or strength training. It will be more of a burn out routine at that point and your core is going to be sore the next day! (I promise that’s a good thing)

There’s no warm up or cool down therefore you need to make sure you heat up that core before starting this routine and stretch out at the end. We have 12 exercises with 45 second intervals followed by different variations of planks held for 20 seconds and we get 10 seconds to switch to the next exercise.

Abs and obliques workout:

  • Push & pull, plank
  • 3 scissors + crunch, plank
  • Get ups, plank
  • In & out jump + toe taps, plank
  • Back bows, upward plank
  • Double swimmers, upward plank
  • Bird dog, upward plank
  • Back bow pulls, upward plank
  • Hip dip (R), side plank
  • Hip dip (L), side plank
  • Windshield wipers, side plank
  • Russian twist, side plank

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Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing or starting an exercise routine.

You hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries you incur exercising to these videos.

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