Butt and Thigh Sculpting Strength - HIIT Cardio Abs Fat Burner

Intense Butt and Thigh Sculpting Strength – HIIT Cardio Abs Fat Burner

Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of strength training and hiit workouts. Endless amounts of cardio has very little benefit overall for your body. I can’t brag enough about strength training. It really has changed my body in all kinds of ways. It’s made me fitter, leaner, stronger and so much more. It’s sad that many girls stay away from strength training so they don’t get “bulky”. For all the women who are afraid of lifting; we have significantly less testosterone than men so we’ll never get “bulky” by lifting heavily. Anytime you want to “shape” or “tone” certain areas in your body you’re actually talking about muscle. So in order to build rounder, leaner & sexier ANYTHING you have to build muscle through strength training.

Hiit workouts are awesome at burning fat and increasing your metabolism. Mixing hiit and strength training together will burn more calories and make your workout more effective in less time. And who doesn’t want that right? That’s why I’ve combined hiit and strength training together. Since our leg muscles are very large you actually burn a great amount of calories when you work your lower body in a smart way. That’s why I threw in a few rounds of core exercises in this routine. It’s way more effective doing abs workouts while burning fat than just by themselves. Not that core workouts alone should be avoided. Those are important too, because they allow you to strengthen your core which is essential in order to be able to push yourself hard during your workouts.

The workout structure in this routine is 4 groups of 3 different exercises ABC, AB and A. Well go through each group 3 times but every time we go through it we will cut out one of the exercises. For example in the first group we do pop squat, deadlift and then reverse crunch. The second time we go through it, we’ll do pop squat and deadlifts. And the third round we’ll only do pop squats. So we have our hiit part which is A, strength training B and lastly core part which is C. We’ll do A 20 sec on and 10 off twice through. B and C is timed for 45 seconds.

There’s a warm up included but no cool down and you need to make sure you get that in. Here’s a link to a 5 minute cool down and stretch routine.

Warm up

  • High knee march
  • Side lunge tabs
  • Standing crunches
  • Deadlift + fly
  • Squat + overhead press
  • 1,2,3 lunge jumps
  • 1,2,3 squat jumps
  • High knee pulse
  • Burpee into squat
  • Butt kicks

Workout structure for each group; first round ABC, second round AB and third round only A

Group 1

A Pop squatS

B Deadlifts

C Reverse crunch

Group 2

A In & out squat jumps

B Back lunge

C Side oblique raises (switch sides half way)

Group 3

A High knee pulse

B Squats

C Russian twists

Group 4

A Skater burpee

B Hip raises

C Back bows

If you liked this workout please have your friends and family join as well. As always thank you so much for working out with me!

Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing or starting an exercise routine.

You hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries you incur exercising to these videos.

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