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How to Break Up With Disordered Eating – Interview With Maddy Moon

Today I have a special guest on the show. I interview former fitness model, Maddy Moon, who shares her past of disordered eating, exercise addiction and how she got her period back. Be sure you watch till the end because her tip on how to recover from disordered eating and get your period back will surprise you! In a good way of course. 

Maddy shares how her need for control lead to fitness modeling, body building, disordered eating, and body dysmorphia. Many people develop an unhealthy relationship to their body and food aka disordered eating habits, because it gives them a false sense of control. Control is just an illusion. We think we’re controlling our life by counting every single calorie that goes in our mouth but in reality we’re letting food control us!

Maddy took it a step further and went in to body building, because it was the best way for her to hide her disordered eating and it gave her an excuse to stay in that mentality. I love when she shares her breakthrough moment, when she said; enough is enough. I don’t want to be known as the girl who just eats clean and works out 24/7″. She realized that, that’s not what she wanted to focus her life on and that she was hungry for something bigger.

This takes me to the next important point that Maddy mentions; self love. She was hungry and craved self love. Once she started feeding her body and soul some love, all the other problems slowly started to diminish. The disordered eating, fitness modeling, and all those exterior things are now just a part of her past.

What helped Maddy get her period back, beside gaining weight and reducing the intensity of her exercising, was self love and getting more in to her feminine energy. She started to let go and surrender more. She states that she needed to flow just like water, and not released the need to control everything in her life. Trust the process and it’ll happen. 

The last question I asked Maddy was one that I get asked a lot, and it’s about intuitive eating, how to deal with weight gain during recovery and so on. I’ve already explained this in a different article/video about disordered eating. But Maddy also explains how our bodies are so smart, and although we’ll gain weight at first, it’s NOT going to continue that way. Our bodies have a set point that usually fluctuates 10-15 lb. Do you see how it’s pointless to “fight” against our smart bodies?

When someone is being coached or interviewed there’s almost always something that you can relate with. Pay attention to how some of the scenarios, that Maddy shares with us, apply or resonate in your life. When someone else is sharing their story, you’re very likely to get an ‘aha-monent’ based on what the person is sharing. Although the experience may not be the exact same, you get a huge ‘aha’ from it, because your defenses go down, when the person is sharing their story. Consider asking yourself the same questions that I’m asking Maddy. Here are some questions you can ask yourself;

  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Do you always want to be in control?
  • Have you lost touch with your feminine energy?
  • Do you practice self love and self care or just self control?
  • What are you truly hungry for?

Maddy shares lots of valuable information on her website and social media, so be sure to follow her there.

Website; www.maddymoon.com

Instagram; Maddy Moon

YouTube; Maddy Moon

PodCast; Mind, Body, Musings

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