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How To Stop Eating With Fear & Control

What are your favorite addictive foods that you don’t know how to stop eating with fear and control? You can’t eat chips without eating the whole bag? You can’t have some ice-cream without finishing the whole jar? Do you feel weak around sweets? Cakes, muffins, cookies, chocolate, you name it.

How do I stop eating my addictive foods?

Do you feel “out of control” when you eat those foods? Let me tell you, that the only time you’ll ever feel “out of control” with certain foods is when you’re trying to control it in the first place!¬†You give that food so much power over you that you fear it. You fear it because you limit yourself around it, you judge yourself, wish you never wanted it, wish you knew how to stop eating it, afraid it’ll make you gain weight and so on.

You fight your cravings for that food and fight and fight, till one day you just can’t take it anymore and you reach out for that jar of peanut butter until you lick it clean.

Asking yourself how to stop eating is a WRONG question!

But learning how to NOT control and fear your food is the right answer! You think you’re in control when you restrict a certain food, but eventually you’ll just end up bingeing on it. Binge on it so much that you’ll feel “out of control”.

The only way to stop eating without fear and control is by ALLOWING yourself to have that food, WHENEVER you want it. I promise every time you eat your “fear food” it’ll have less and less control and power over you. Keep eating it till it no longer has control over you and you’ll never fear it again.

Neutralize all foods. Unlearn the “good food, bad food” concept. Remind yourself that anytime you try and stay away from that food, you’re only getting a false sense of control. What’s really happening is that the food is controlling you.¬†

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