hypothalamic amenorrhea

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea And How You Can Get Your Period Back

Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

How to get your period back is all you’ve been thinking about for months or maybe even years! You never thought that your body could leave you without periods with all the stress, over exercise, under eating you’ve been putting it through. Amenorrhea is something overweight women can get also, but if you’re reading this then the loss of your period is most likely due to stress, eating disorders and exercise addiction.

The good news is that you CAN get your period back. You CAN recover from hypothalamic amenorrhea. But first let’s learn a little bit about what goes on with your body when you have hypothalamic amenorrhea and then we’ll talk about how to get your period back. I’m not going to tell at what percentage body fat you’ll lose your period or what weight you need to be to get your period back. That’s very different for every woman. I’m going to inform you of things that are more important than focusing on those numbers, because I believe that understanding this will make you look at the issue differently.

The truth is that we let ourselves get so disconnected with our bodies and minds, mostly because we’re on our phones all day every day, being brainwashed by media and society. We “live” in our heads and not in the present. Our mind is always thinking about either the past or the future. But we forget to live in the now. When we live our lives like this it’s really hard to connect with ourselves. We forget to listen or how to listen to our bodies, always want our body to do more and more, and put it under so much stress.

Since I’m a holistic health coach I don’t just focus on getting your period back. I focus on WHAT caused the loss of your period. The cause of your hypothalamic amenorrhea is that your body has “broken” down, because of your lifestyle. You can only work your body like that for so long, and before you know it your period disappears and other health issues can surface from that. If you don’t fix your lifestyle, get plenty of rest and fix the “8 days a week” mentality, your body will not be able to heal. Focusing only on what supplements and what foods to eat to get your period back, is like putting bandaid on your body.

You can eat all the health foods in the world, but if you don’t feed yourself outside your plate, then no amount of broccoli is going to make you feel well. 

Exercising is great and so is eating clean whole foods, but too much of anything isn’t good. I wrote 2 separate blog posts about overexercising and orthorexia, that are very helpful for you to read. Too much exercise is a lot of stress on the body, and when it’s under stress (in fight/flight mode) the only thing your body wants to do is protect you. It shuts off the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for digestion, repair, rest reproductive system. Basically when you spend too much time in fight/flight mode and almost no time resting, your body will break down. And when you mix physical and mental stress with not eating enough, that’s a recipe for amenorrhea!

We’re all unique bio-individuals. I believe that given half a chance our body will heal itself by itself. That’s going to be different for everyone. Generally speaking you want to focus on 2 main things, eat and rest. When you give your body the rest it needs it’ll know what to do. I know that many women are afraid to cut down on exercise and eat more, because it’ll cause them to gain weight. The truth is that you NEED to gain weight. Even 5-10 lbs can make all the difference.

Wanting to get to or stay at a certain weight is a lot  like wanting to get to a certain height. If you’re 5’2 you are never going to be 5’8. Same thing with weight. If your average normal weight is 155 lbs, then it’s just not going to happen in this lifetime for a sustained length of time for you to stay at whatever unhealthy weight you desire to get to. Read more about Body Image and Eating Disorders here

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