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#1 Reason to Trust Your Body With Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is scary when you come from a world of dieting and not trusting your body. You’ve probably restricted for so long that you feel out of alignment with your body and out of touch with your hunger/fullness cues. Of course intuitive eating will be scary at first when you’ve been told that dieting is good. That not trusting and ignoring your body is the only way to stay “fit”. 

Here’s why you should start Intuitive Eating

Your brain has a sense on how much it should weigh, a set point that usually fluctuates 10-15 lb. What determines that? Three things determine your body’s set point:

  • Genes
  • Environment (diet & exercise)
  • Epigenetic effects/ hormones

For example chemical signals tell you to gain or lose weight, depending on your food consumption, environment, and so much more. Do you see how it’s pointless to try and control that? You might be able to be on a strict regimen with low calorie diet, excessive exercise and finally reach your super low body weight, but then you find yourself bingeing at some point or another.

Intuitive eating is definitely worth a shot!

Now that you understand very briefly how your body works in terms of its set point, then what’s so scary about intuitive eating? Yes, you might gain some weight, but it’s not going to continue forever.

Your body knows what to do IF you let it. Give it trust, respect, nourishment, love and watch magic happen.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Wanting to be a certain weight, fighting for your weight to be at a super low number, is a lot like saying you want to change your actual height!

If you know anyone that needs to read this article, then be sure to forward it to them so they can start having a better relationship with food and their body as well!

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