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Stretch Out Routine – Total Body Cool Down

Stretch out routine. Sounds really good just typing the words stretch out. How many of you have skipped the best part of a workout? I know a lot of people still skip the cool down and stretch, which in my opinion is the best part of a workout. You get to make your body feel good while making your mind feel even better by getting that “rewarded, accomplished and awesome” feeling after the workout is done. It’s like a nice cool down for both the body and the mind.

Just like a good warm up is necessary before working out, stretching out is just as important. It has many benefits that many people aren’t aware of. Some of the benefits you get from stretching is release of muscle tension which will help you feel more relaxed and therefor you will be less sore the next day so you don’t feel too tired to do another workout. Remember to focus on stretching out the muscles you’ve worked out the most in your routine, and it never hurts to stretch your total body even if you worked out your upper and lower body separately.

Also keep in mind that consistent stretching will help you get more flexible, which is an important aspect of fitness. Many workouts/exercises require flexibility. Flexibility is what’s going to help you bend deeper, squat deeper, do hard exercises such as burpees and other flexibility related workouts. Although this quick total body stretch routine is only 5 minutes long, I have other routines for deeper and longer stretching that really help work more on the flexibility. Here’s one that I love doing once a week or more.

In this stretching routine we will be doing 12 stretching exercises 30 seconds each;

  • Jog in place/ march in place
  • Shoulder roll + toe reach
  • Quad stretch (R)
  • Quad stretch (L)
  • Deep shoulder stretch
  • Inside thigh stretch (R)
  • Inside thigh stretch (L)
  • Seated glute stretch (R)
  • Seated glute stretch (L)
  • Toe reach
  • Cobra
  • Plank calf stretches

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