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Binge Eating? – How to Stop Binge Eating for Good

Binge eating – you’re so sick of it that you’ll do anything to stop this behavior. The fact that you’ve noticed that both you and your body want to end binge eating means you’re ready! Part of the reason why it’s so hard to shift our behaviors – binge eating, is because we don’t like it and are so judgmental of it. And a lot of times even while we’re binge eating we’re beating ourselves up about it. The binge eating actually is there because it wants our attention. And it has to finally get distracting enough, annoying enough and bad enough for us to finally look at it and say okay I’m sick if this, it has to end. Today I’m going to share 3 ways to help you stop binge eating. Before we get into the subject I’d like to share a few other things first. Anytime you binge eat, something is out of balance. Not necessarily food/nutrition wise. In fact most of the time it’s non-food related. There’s probably other things in your life that need to be dealt with, but you decide not to deal with them, and before you know it you take it out on food and end up binge eating.

Binge eating isn’t the problem necessarily,

ignoring the signs your body is giving you is the

bigger issue.

Work might be too intense, relationships might be stressful, you might feel lonely, bored, and/or frustrated. The list can go on forever. You feel so uncomfortable and stressed out that the easiest way to deal with those “issues” is by eating. Food is easy to get and and can help you get quick relief from the discomfort in your life. But only temporarily. It’s pretty much like numbing. It doesn’t last long and all of a sudden you get those feelings back again. It doesn’t solve your issues for good, the issues are still there after you’re done binging. Don’t get mad at yourself about it, because this is a good sign and good chance for you to take action and deal with it. When something’s out of balance, your body will try to give you signs that there’s something that needs your attention.

Luckily there are things you can do to stop binge eating. Learn to listen to your body, so that whenever it tries to tell you something, you have a sense of what to do about that signal it’s giving you.

Binge eating tip #1

Eat enough throughout the day. I can’t tell you how this simple tip helps you stop binge eating. It’s almost like it’s hard to binge eat when you’re physically completely nourished. So make sure you eat something! Never deprive yourself. Even if that means that you have to get some “bad” food. Depriving yourself from having what you crave, will eventually lead to binge eating. Have whatever you want and do it mindfully. Really taste the food, feel it, smell it, chew it throughly and enjoy it. I don’t believe in restriction. Restriction causes binge eating, and often times all it takes to stop binge eating is allowing yourself to have what you want once in a while.

Get Curious

Get curious about what your feelings. What’s causing them? What exactly are you stressed about? Is it work related it? Is someone getting on your nerves and you need to fix the problem with that person? One thing that can help is by writing down all your feelings on a piece of paper. Sometimes all it takes for us to get over something is by letting it out.  So let it out on a piece of paper, by doing a yoga routine, or maybe even calling a friend.

What fuels you outside your plate? 

Maybe a glass of water, writing it on a piece of paper and speaking with a friend didn’t fill in the emotional void. Now is a good time to ask yourself “What fuels me outside my plate?” What do you know you should be doing that you’re not already doing? Is it love? Even just a hug from your partner. Think about what makes you happy and feeds your mind and soul. Is it spending time in nature? Meditating? Reading a book? Watching a movie? What are you truly hungry for? Again, when you’re mentally full and well nourished it’s kind of hard to binge eat. You know yourself better than anyone else. Do what makes you happy. Instead of asking yourself how do I stop binge eating, ask yourself more important questions, like the ones I shared above. There’s as reason for everything that we do. There’s a reason you’re binge eating, as well as a reason you want to stop binge eating. Find out what that reason is, and it’ll be much easier to stop binge eating.

Your body is an awesome bio-computer. If you give it the right fuel it will “run” forever. Same thing applies to your soul. If you feed/ fuel your mind and soul with good “food” they’ll run forever as well. But just like a car if you give it the wrong fuel, it won’t take long till it starts to break down.

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