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What to Do After A Painful Binge Eating Episode

So everything’s going great and you haven’t been binge eating for a long time. Out of no where you find yourself in a relapse, right back into binge eating. You binge eat so much that you can’t move and hardly breathe. I’ve been there! 

As painful as binge eating can be, don’t…

Blame yourself, hate yourself, be ashamed of yourself for not being able to “control” yourself around food. Life happens! Unconsciously, no matter how great things are going, you’re being triggered in many ways. Maybe you’re mad at a co worker, frustrated with your mom, having issues with your boyfriend or maybe you’re spending a little too much time on Instagram and compare yourself to others.

All that built up, results in a binge eating episode (maybe a painful one) and you don’t know what to do!

The good news is that after a binge eat, you…

Have two types of pain. A physical one AND and emotional pain. The emotional pain is the negative self talk such as;

I’m ashamed, I failed, I fear weight gain, I’m not strong enough…

The only thing that’ll cure your physical pain safely is time. BUT you can fix your emotional pain (which I think for most of us is even more painful than the physical pain), by ACCEPTING the binge eating episode.

To be honest, what ever kind of relapse you have IT’S OKAY. Even if you restrict, if you purge, if you count calories. The key is to accept that, that’s how you knew how to cope with your situation at the moment! Realize that your coping mechanism served you at the moment, AND it’s done and over with. It’s much easier to get back on track and on with your journey once you move from a place of acceptance and not hate/judgement.

This is also how you can fix your emotional pain post a binge eating episode immediately. You remind yourself that it’s okay. You love and accept yourself and understand that you’re not a bad person for “not dealing with it the right way”.

If you know anyone who struggles with binge eating or have disordered relationship to food, be sure for forward them this article so they don’t feel crazy and alone!

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