Body Image and The Media - Self Esteem

Body Image and The Media – Self Esteem and The Perfect Body

Body image and the media and self esteem are issues that are becoming more prevalent in todays world. Terms such as thigh gap, bikini body, low fat, low carb, orthorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and much more are becoming very obsessive to both men and women. A lot of people with body image, eating disorders and low self esteem think that if they can just get to a certain weight then they’ll finally find happiness.

Before diving more into this, I just want to make something clear. Wanting to get to a certain weight is a lot  like wanting to get to a certain height. If you’re 5’2 you are never going to be 5’8. Same thing with weight. If your average normal weight is 155 lbs, then it’s just not going to happen in this lifetime for a sustained length of time for you to stay at whatever unhealthy weight you desire to get to. If you’re big-boned, your family is big-boned and heavyset then you’re never going to be a tiny person. I think everyone can agree with me on that. Comparing yourself to others is never going to get you anywhere. There’s always someone that’s going to be prettier than you, fitter than you, taller than you etc. Perfection is impossible and also very boring! Aim for progress and results and only compare yourself to YOU. Plus there’s only one you in this world, so don’t forget to be yourself!

There’s no correlation between being thin and being happy. However, there’s lots of correlation between body image and the media! There are a lot of thin people who are really miserable and there are a lot of heavy people who are really happy. But watching the world and living in this society that we have today, you would never piece those two things together. We’re not living in a world that promotes health and happiness as its primary goal. It indirectly promotes the exact opposite. All day everyday we are fed by media that we are not enough; we’re not pretty enough, not smart enough, not fit enough and so on. There’s a million products that we can buy to make us feel like we’re enough which we all know is B.S. There are wrinkle creams, cellulite creams, waist trainers, whatever you can think of it’s available out there. We’re conditioned to forget who we are. Spiritual beings in a materialistic world. We let others control our mind. That’s why it’s so important to remember who we truly are. Also realize that nothing outside ourself will ever bring us fulfillment. Only self love and actually feeling it will make you fulfilled.

We all make mistakes. But I believe that one of the biggest mistakes we can make when it come to health and fitness is going on an over rigid diet or being to religious about food and exercise. That’s basically what orthorexia is. You won’t go to heaven by eating 100% clean 100% of the time. Food is not religion! Eat to nourish, fuel, and energize yourself because it’s essential.

 This post can easily be a mile long. There’s so many subjects to cover such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and even more on body image. I will in the near future have more posts on those. But for now I want you to take a minute a celebrate the unique beauty of your body. Which of your “imperfections” do you love the most and why? For me it’s my love handles. I used to hate them, but when I accepted the fact that no matter how much weight I lost they’d still be there (more or less visible) I realized that that’s what makes me unique. Now I’d love to hear your answer to that question. Share below!

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