Butt & thigh workout

Intense Lower Body Strength Training – Shape, Tone, Burn Fat, Gain Muscle, Increase Your Metabolism

Want to shape, tone, burn fat, gain muscle, increase your metabolism and work your butt from every angle? Then this butt and thigh strength training workout is just what you need! This workout made me feel amazing after I was done. The best part is that this butt and thigh workout takes less than 30 minutes. But, you’ll feel like you were going for much longer than that! My legs were sore the next day but I still felt good, mentally and physically.

In this intense butt and thigh workout we’ll work the legs from all angles. We hit the butt, the inner/outer thighs, and even the calves. While strength training, you want to make sure that you keep your form clean while lifting weights and be aware of the amount of weight you’re lifting. To get the most out of your workout keep in mind that the heavier you lift the more calories you’ll burn, the more muscle you’ll gain, and the more you’ll increase your metabolism. Lifting less weight while increasing the repetitions will achieve toning. Contracting all your muscles while working out will burn more calories and make the workout more effective as well. For example, while doing lunges try to contract your core muscles, squeeze everything while still breathing. This way you get in a core workout at the same time.

I will be going through the lower body strength training sets at a fast pace, and if you follow along with me, your heart rate will go up and make it feel like cardio. There’s no warm up or cool down included, so make sure you get both of them in. Never ever strength train on cold muscles! You can do this workout up to 3 times per week. Just make sure that you give your lower body a day or 2 of rest in between. During your lower body rest days, you can train your upper body, your core, or even do some yoga.

We’ll go through 6 groups with each group containing 2 different exercises. We’ll repeat each group twice, then move to the next one

Group 1

  • Squat
  • Deadlift

Group 2

  • Clean & Press
  • Curtsy Lunge

Group 3

  • Ski Squat
  • Step Up

Group 4

  • Side Step Up (L)
  • Side Step Up (R)

Group 5

  • Swings
  • Lunge

Group 6

  • Circle Squats
  • Back Bows Leg Pulls

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Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing or starting an exercise routine.

You hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries you incur exercising to these videos.

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