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Cardamom Spiced Granola

Granola can be surprisingly easy to make. This quick and easy cardamom spiced granola recipe will make your house smell amazing. It tastes like a treat without being bad for you one bit. It has the perfect crunch and makes for a great snack, topping on your smoothie bowls or yogurt. If you have never tried cardamom I highly recommend trying it in this recipe.

Cardamom is one of those spices that not many people know of. In my opinion it’s one of the best tasting spices out there. In my house we use it in teas, especially black teas, in turkish coffee and in many types of sweets. Cardamom is also known to make your breath smell better, so here’s another reason why it’s such an amazing spice.

This cardamom spiced granola can be very addicting, and since it’s homemade with all clean ingredients, then there’s nothing to worry about. I always have some type of granola ready made and put in a jar in my house. It’ll keep me away from the store bought kinds, that you can’t always trust when it comes to containing clean ingredients.


Servings Prep Time
4 5 minutes
Cook Time
35 minutes
Coconut date sauce
Coconut date sauce
  1. In a highspeed blender put your coconut date sauce ingredients. Blend for about 3 minutes.
  1. Add all your dry ingredients together. Lastly pour your sauce over the dry ingredients, mix, flatten on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes.
Recipe Notes

You can always start off using half the amount of cardamom if you’re not sure if you’d like it or not. You can also add different types of seeds and nuts if you don’t have the exact same ones from the recipe. This recipe can be vegan friendly simply by replacing the honey with maple syrup.

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