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Quick and Sweaty Cardio Workout to Burn Fat Quick

Cardio workouts are good for you in every way. They’re good for the heart, toning up the body and for burning calories. Remember, your heart is a muscle and just like any muscle in your body, it needs  exercise. Although I’m a much bigger fan of HIIT cardio, cardio workouts like this one are awesome if you still want to do a great workout and yet be gentler on the body.

Like I’ve mentioned before in my previous cardio workout, this type of workout is much more effective than the gym cardio equipment. In this workout we go through many different body weight exercises and work the body from all different areas, whereas with a gym equipment you’ll be going through the same range of motion over and over. At the gym it seems like it takes forever! With this cardio workout you’ll be done before you know it!

Since this workout is short; you can use it as a recovery workout when you want to be a little gentle on the body. Or you can use it as an extra calorie burn, where you add it into the end of another workout, whether it be HIIT or strength training.

There’s no warm up or cool down in this cardio workout, so remember to do a warm up prior to starting this workout and a cool down afterwards.

We will go through 14 different exercises 45 seconds on and 10 seconds off for each exercise;

  • 3 shuffles + floor touch
  • Switch foot jump
  • Toe touch kick
  • Cross jacks
  • Burpee knees in
  • Criss cross squats
  • Jack knife getups
  • Push up + side toe reach
  • Static knee pull (R)
  • Static knee pull (L)
  • 2 Squat jacks + side leg raise
  • Jumping jack + toe reach
  • Squat + curtsey
  • Walk down + 2 twists

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As always thank you so much for working out with me.

Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing or starting an exercise routine.

You hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries you incur exercising to these videos.

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