causes of amenorrhea

Causes of Amenorrhea- I Got My Period Back and You Can Too!

I want to help you understand the causes of amenorrhea, or at least what caused mine. Today I’m sharing something that not a lot of people know about me. In fact the only people who truly know my story is my husband and my mom. I used to be ashamed to share my story with my friends and family because I felt like “this” shouldn’t even be real for me…

Causes of Amenorrhea

I used to suffer from orthorexia and exercise addiction. I literally treated myself and food as if I’d go to hell if I ate something “bad”. I created a group of “forbidden” foods in my head that I wasn’t allowed to have. And the smarter and more educated I got about nutrition, the stricter I became with my diet. One day I’d be eating meat, the next day I’d learn about how bad meat is for you and I’d completely avoid it. And it went on and on for about 3 years.

At the same time I became very addicted to exercise. In the beginning it was “innocent”. I JUST wanted to lose weight (I’ll share my weight loss story another time). But I quickly realized how much stress relief, exercising offered. It took my stress and depression away, for the hour and a half that I was exercising every single day. Anytime I got a chance to exercise during the day, I’d take advantage of it, because I wanted my body to burn calories at a very high rate 24/7.

Slowly all of this lead to insomnia, lack of libido, loss of appetite AND finally I lost my period! I realized  my orthorexia and exercise addiction were my causes of amenorrheaThis was the scariest thing for me. It caused even more stress in my life. I went from doctor to doctor, did a couple of blood tests to check for different things, and “everything was normal” like they said. All they could do for me was put me on hormone pills and on anti-depressant drugs for the stress.

I overcame the causes of amenorrhea

I didn’t want to take that path. I wanted to heal and get my period back naturally. I did a lot of research online about amenorrhea, and all I could find was “eat more, exercise less”.
Great advice but it wasn’t enough for me to start my recovery. There just wasn’t a real support system for amenorrhea. So I went on my own journey about this…

Fast forward to today I can tell you that I successfully managed to get my period back! It took me almost a year and a half to get my period back. In that year and a half I got 2 periods in between, because my body was starting to trust me again. However, because I was so addicted to exercising I thought I could just keep on doing it for 1+ hr everyday again. I was struggling because I wanted to get my period back, but I didn’t want to do what it takes to accomplish that. I didn’t want to “eat more and exercise less.” I was afraid of gaining weight. I was afraid of not exercising as much or as intense as I had become used to. I hadn’t yet found my balance. I didn’t even give my body a chance to truly recover. It wasn’t easy to do it on my own. I’m very confident that I could’ve recovered much faster with some love and support from a coach. Or at least someone who had gone through similar things.

Now I’ve found my balance. I have a healthy relationship to food, body and exercise and haven’t skipped a month without a period for 2 years straight! I haven’t felt more womanly than I do today!

I’m committed to help other women through the same thing. I want to be that person for you that I wish I had when I was going through all of this. You’re not alone! And you CAN recover.

Learn how you can start your recovery HERE. I offer free 50 minute health consultations so we can sit and talk about you and your goals. Email me by replying to this article and we’ll schedule a time from there.

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