Easy Mango Salsa

This easy mango salsa both looks and tastes delicious. It’s a great summer appetizer that everyone’s going to love! Just grab a bag of your favorite tortilla chips and you have a refreshing, healthy and easy snack. It literally consists of 5 fresh, whole and real ingredients (excluding the red pepper) and it’ll look like it took longer than 5 minutes to make. A great way to impress guests!

I’ve been having this snack at least once a week in many different ways. It actually makes for a great topping for your tacos and to be honest that’s my favorite way to eat it. Since mango is a summer fruit, then take advantage of it and make this easy and nutritious salsa.

Servings Prep Time
2-4 People 5 Minutes
Servings: People
  1. Mix everything together and enjoy with a bag of tortilla chips!

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