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Eating Disorders Symptoms – 3 Things I Don’t Miss About My Eating Disorder & Exercise Addiction

Eating disorders symptoms – I hope by sharing the three top things I don’t miss about my eating disorder and exercise addiction will inspire you to either 1) recover from your eating disorder or 2) keep going with your recovery. When I say eating disorder, I mean specifically Orthorexia in my case. I also counted calories like crazy which is also considered an eating disorder. A lot of things are actually considered disordered eating, that you might not be aware of. Exercising after a meal is exercise bulimia, which is a form of eating disorders symptoms. Here are my top three reasons I don’t miss about my eating disorder and exercise addiction.

1st thing I don’t miss about my eating disorders

symptoms and exercise addiction;

Getting up at 5.30 am every morning to workout for 30 minutes, then workout for another 30-60 minutes after work. I’d sacrifice my sleep, force myself to get up. If there were times where I couldn’t get up, I’d let that ruin my whole day. My mindset back then was “more is always better”. In this video I share more about this. My eating disorders symptoms and exercise addiction
I don’t miss using exercise as the only way to cope with stress, or using it as a calorie burning machine. Exercise isn’t just about burning calories, it’s about moving your body in a way that FEELS GOOD for you! I don’t miss forcing my body through tough workouts, even though it was giving me all the signs to stop. My body was screaming for gentle workouts like pilates and yoga, but in my mind those were just a waste of time. If I was going to workout I made sure I made it count! Today, the exact is opposite for me. Working out over an hour a day is a HUGE waste of time and pointless!

 2nd thing I don’t miss about my eating disorders symptoms

and exercise addiction;

Missing out on life, and be lost inside my own head! I used to skip many social events, because I didn’t feel “safe” eating out. There were also times where I did attend social events, but never be fully present. Never eat a full plate of dessert like everyone else, just a few bites. If I did eat more than I should’ve, I’d workout extra hard the next day. Counting calories, looking up healthy recipes, spending hours and hours studying how much healthier/cleaner I could get with my diet also meant missing out on life. Yes, health means a lot to me, and I love learning new things about health, wellness and fitness, but not to an extreme. I don’t miss forcing someone else’s diet on my body, even when it refused it. I left no room in my mind to think about more important things in life. Luckily I’ve now learned how to focus on things that truly matter to me, and slowly all the other non important things have diminished.

3rd thing I don’t miss about my eating disorders symptoms and exercise


Not having a period! Due to my orthorexia and exercise addiction I ended up losing my period. At that time I was so skinny I could barely fit any clothes. Everything looked ugly on me, I hated my body even though I thought that that was what I wanted. I don’t miss picking on my body. I’d look in the mirror and point criticize specific things I didn’t like about it.
“I wish my butt could be bigger, but my waist still be the same”.
“I wish my abs could be a little more visible”.
I don’t miss being so desperate to get my period back. It only caused me more stress and prolonged my recovery. Watch this video where I share 3 reasons I’m grateful for my period.
I’m sharing all this with you because I actually give my clients the same tasks while they’re in recovery. I tell them to write a list of all the benefits they’ve experienced during their recovery and a list of all the things they used to dislike, when they had any form of disordered eating. This helps you stay positive and keep on going, because LIVING life again is beautiful.

I’d love to know where in your recovery you are, and what’s one thing you don’t miss about your eating disorder or exercise addiction? Comment below!


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