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Exercise Addiction – How To NOT Restrict or Workout After A Big/Cheat Meal

Exercise addiction is something I’ve definitely struggled with in the past. I’ve had my fair share of overtraining my body to the point where I even lost my period. I’ve already made a video about my exercise addiction. If you haven’t watched it, make sure to do so. Today I want to share three tips on how to not workout or restrict after a cheat meal. Or as one of my viewers said it; a big naughty meal.

Exercise addiction tip #1

Realize that there IS a much smarter way to eat and workout in order to look and feel good. I was not happy about all the work that I had to put in, in order to get the tiny figure I had. I had such an unhealthy relationship to exercise and my body, and trained in a way that actually wasn’t very enjoyable. The only thing I enjoyed about it was the stress relief and I used exercise as calorie burning machine. You can actually train way less than you do now, eat way more than you do now and look even BETTER than you do now. All the while you’re actually enjoying it, and not doing it from a place of punishment. I’ve already made a video on how to workout smart and not hard, which I highly recommend you watching. When you overtrain your body, you will actually get less results, and eventually damage your metabolism, cause bone loss and so on. Basically you’ll do your body more harm than good. And what a waste of time and energy that is!

Exercise addiction tip #2

Expressive therapy. Anytime you have the urge to restrict or workout after a big naughty meal, find an expressive therapy to keep you from working out. This could be journaling, listening to music and even dancing. When you’re over exercising because of your exercise addiction, it’s because you want to be in control of your body. You want to make sure you burn the calories you ate, otherwise your body will control you. This is NOT how it works! You are just using exercise as a coping mechanism for whatever else is going on in your life that you don’t want to deal with. So next time you want to workout after a big meal, journal, dance, listen to music and sing or whatever other ways you like to express yourself. I know it’s hard, when your favorite coping mechanism is being taken away from you, but that coping mechanism is also preventing you from living the life you want! PS. you probably just spent lots of money or time cooking the meal. Why not acknowledge that, and thank yourself and body for all the food you eat and digest.

Exercise addiction tip #3

Prioritize! One thing that helped me from working out for the second time of the day was to think about my goals in life. I’d sit down and write down my goals in order of priority. I wanted to become a health coach, I wanted to help clients, I wanted to be able to spend more time with my husband, I wanted to travel more often etc. I realized if those things were so important to me then I better get my butt to work and make those things happen. I didn’t have time to workout for the second time in the day. Instead of wasting that time working out, I’d study, or go out, or work on my website and my YouTube channel. Those were way more important to me than the way my body looked. Once I started to focus on my goals more, my exercise addiction and eating disorder (Orthorexia) slowly started to diminish from my life.

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