exercise makes you smarter

Exercise Makes You Smarter

Exercise makes you smarter! Another awesome reason to exercise.

The fact that exercise makes you smarter, is something not a lot of people know. Besides all the benefits that you get from staying physically active throughout your life, you also get the benefit of improved brain function. It seems hard to believe this fact while you’re doing an actual workout, especially a tough one, because at some point you feel like your brain shuts down on you. But its been proven and I will explain how this works. If you’ve been looking or needing another reason to get off your sofa and workout then here you have it. It makes you feel good inside and out. You become a better learner, because exercise improves concentration, attention, motivation etc.

I won’t get into too many scientific details, as this can be understood at a more basic level.  Researchers have shown that exercise produces and stimulates a specific molecule in the brain called “Iris”, which is known to activate genes responsible for learning and memory. This means that when you exercise you’re actually starting a chain reaction that improves your brain health. Studies have shown that people who exercise compared to people who are usually sedentary, have about twice as many neurons in their brains.

By exercising on a regular basis you also train your brain to work a certain way. Just like you can train and improve any muscle in the body, so can you with your brain. This will improve your coordination, which means when you’re brain is too tired to think (For example after a workout or in stressed situation), your brain will be trained/forced to think clearer at that point. Practice makes master!

exercise makes you smarter

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