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Fat Burning Cardio Workout – Full Body Cardio + Abs

This fat burning cardio workout will make you swim in your own sweat within 30 minutes! You’ll be burning fat and toning your entire body. There isn’t a muscle that you won’t be working in this routine. This cardio workout is heavy on the legs but we will also be focusing on toning the abs by having the last interval of each group be very core intensive. As an extra bonus I’ve included 3 extra abs exercises just to burn out those core muscles a little extra.

One of the things that I love about doing cardio workouts at home is that it allows your to work more muscles groups at once, by being creative when building the routine. It doesn’t just work one range of motion like most cardio equipment at the gym.

This workout is super beneficial at burning fat, toning your body, building endurance and overall physical and mental health.  If you want to feel and look good, you have to put in the work. The harder you push yourself, the faster the results will appear. Get out of your comfort zone, and then you’ll see your body change. It’s your business to make my workouts, work for you. No one else is going to push you as hard as you can push yourself. I believe in you!

A quick cardio warm up and freeform cool down are both included, and all you need is your body weight for this workout. There 3 groups and each group is repeated twice before moving to the next one.

Warm up

  • Knee up + kick
  • Squat + leg raise
  • Back lunge + chest open
  • Walk down knee in
  • Skaters
  • Alternating back steps/lunges
  • Single leg deadlift w/ ventral raises
  • Single leg deadlift w/ fly
  • Switch foot jump

Fat burning cardio workout

Group 1

  • Down to knee jump (Get down on both knees, come up and jump)
  • 3 pulse squat + kick out
  • Plank up/down

Group 2

  • Front + backward jump + 2 jumping jacks
  • Walk down step in/out
  • Twist hip raises

Group 3

  • Side jump curtsey pulse
  • Cross jump squats
  • Side toe taps + hip raise

Burn out exercises:

  • Push up feet in/out
  • 3 way kick + leg lift
  • Rolling jackknife/back bows

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