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4 Highly Effective Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Food

Isn’t it crazy that we fear food? If you really think about it, it’s almost laughable, and yet it’s a serious condition that many of us struggle with. The fear of food is developed by letting food control YOU! It comes from what we tell ourselves will happen if we eat a certain food we think we shouldn’t be eating. 

Fear of food is different for everyone

Not all orthorexic people have the same fear foods. Some might fear carbohydrates, starches, and sugars. Others might fear fats. A lot of the fear is self derived. Telling yourself that a certain food is “bad,” allows that food to take control of you. If you fear certain foods and would like to learn how to overcome that fear then here are four tips I’d like to share with you. Like always I save the best tip till the end, so don’t miss it!

1. Let go of “good food, bad food” mindset. There’s no food in the world that’ll make you gain 10 lbs overnight! Promise! As a matter of fact, longterm, the more you stress about how you shouldn’t eat a certain food, the worse it’s going to be for you than if you just ate that food in the first place.

2. Start small. I know what it’s like to have a fear of food. My own personal fear of food was so strong, that I couldn’t allow myself to just start adding in what I considered to be “bad foods.”  I was just too scared to go from eating my comfortable diet to eating something unhealthy. I started by eating a lot more of the healthy food that I was already eating. I increased my calories by a lot! I’d consider those days, my “cheat days.” This allowed me to slowly shift my mindset.

Gradually I started to eat small amounts of my fear foods. For a while I feared red meat and chicken, which is quite ironic since I grew up eating lots of meat. I started by incorporating eggs into my diet. I then slowly added fish and chicken. After a little while, I started taking small bites of my husbands steak or burger, until I felt comfortable enough to those foods regularly. Although I wasn’t 100% comfortable eating red meat the first few times, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone in order to overcome that fear. The point is to start small and slow. Doing this also allows your body to adapt better to reintroducing those foods into your diet.

Gradually shifting your mindset is key. Each time you allow yourself to have one of your fear foods, even in a small amount, you take a little bit of control back from the food. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, so make sure you’re celebrating and recognizing yourself for the small wins. As time passes, those small wins will become a big win.

3. Eat your fear food with something healthy. This one was a big help for me. Every time you decide to eat your fear food, eat it with something you’re comfortable eating. For example, if dairy is your fear food try adding a little bit of cheese to a big salad that you would normally eat. Overtime you get comfortable, and you’ll be able to have a full cheat meal or cheat day without the fear.

4. “Bad” foods should be part of a healthy diet! If you allow yourself to eat unhealthy once in a while, then you won’t binge on them after not having them for a long time! Also I’ve found that when I eat my fear foods, my body naturally craves healthy foods the very next day! Having your fear foods also keeps you from getting bored with your healthy diet and lifestyle. And when your body starts to crave healthy food after eating unhealthily is just amazing!

Do you or know anyone who has fear of food? Then forward them this article, and they’ll thank you for it!

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