Fun and Brutal Cardio HIIT

Fun and Brutal Cardio HIIT and Abs Workout – Fat Burning Killer Workout

I have to say that this fun and brutal HIIT and abs workout is a serious butt kicker! It’s the toughest workout I’ve filmed so far. And I love it! I’m very confident you’ll like it too (if you’re crazy like me haha!) This fun and brutal cardio HIIT workout will work your body and core very thoroughly. You’ll have a great amount of calorie and fat burn, so you’ll need lots of energy to get through it. 

As with any workout it’s important that you are properly hydrated, fueled, and warmed up before hand. Just don’t eat a big meal right before you start working out or drink too much water either. Save that for after your workout. Because this is such a tough workout, you’re welcome to take as many breaks as you need. By the end of your workout you’ll be so exhausted that it might be tempting to skip your cool down and stretch. Don’t! If you do you’ll regret it and you’ll be too tired and too sore to workout the next day.

As the title implies this really is a fun and brutal cardio HIIT workout. Fun enough to get through and brutal enough that you’ll be glad when it’s all over. We have a combination of regular cardio, HIIT and abs toning exercises, which makes this routine great at burning overall body fat. And that is exactly what you need to do in order to a more visible toned stomach.

Workout Structure 45 minutes without warmup or cool down included (Do not skip those!)

We have 2 rounds of cardio HIIT, 6 different exercises, 50 seconds on 10 seconds off. Then we move over to some abs exercises and end it with some tabata

Equipment: None

Cardio HIIT:

Side hop burpees

3 switch foot tap

High knees

Jumping jacks

Burpee heel claps

Frog jumps

Abs 50 seconds on 10 seconds off

Upward plank leg raises

Reverse Crunch

Russian twist

Hip dips (one round on each side)

X crunch

Tabata: 20 seconds on 10 seconds off 8 times through (alternate between the 2 exercises)

Group 1 Mountain climbers & curtsey jumps

Group 2 Upward mountain climber & squat jump

After you’ve gone through each one of these, you’ll repeat the entire thing one more time!

I hope you like this workout. Please share it with others so they can join as well! As always thank you so much for working out with me.


Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing or starting an exercise routine. You hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries you incur exercising to these videos.

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