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Healthy Fruit Tart – No Bake & Super Easy

I would lie if I said that this healthy fruit tart is just delicious. It’s way more than delicious and I’ll let you be the judge of that as soon as you make it and try it! This was my first time trying to make it as I needed to make a healthy dessert for my husbands birthday party. For coming up with the recipe last minute I must say I am beyond impressed with how good it looked and how tasty it was.

I love fruit tarts and I eat them in a “non clean” version occasionally, but when I discovered how easy this healthy fruit tart is to make I also discovered how much better it tastes than the store bought version. To be honest I wasn’t planning at making this tart at all. I was actually planning to make a watermelon cake covered with cream and berries. To say the least it was a disaster trying to cut and shape the watermelon the way I wanted it, so half of it ended up in my belly and the other half in my husbands (haha!).

This healthy fruit tart has very few whole foods ingredients and only takes a few minutes to make. It does need to set for at least an hour in the fridge before it can be enjoyed. It can also easily be made vegan friendly simply by substituting the yogurt with full fat coconut milk.

Speaking of yogurt/dairy; that’s something I had restricted myself from having for awhile, because it is “bad” for you according to some science. That’s a mistake I made, which is okay because we all make diet mistakes. We all listen to what’s the newest popular unhealthy food to avoid or healthy food to binge on and we forget to listen to our own bodies. One science can prove that dairy is unhealthy, causes mucus buildup, indigestion and so on and another science can prove the complete opposite. In my opinion if you can handle dairy, go for it, just make sure you get the cleanest kind. Organic and grass fed. If you can’t handle dairy, then end of story, don’t eat it no matter what science say? Right or right?!

I’d love to hear from you what you think of this fruit tart if/when you make it! So be sure to keep me informed either here or on my social media accounts.

Servings Prep Time
6 People 20 Minutes
Passive Time
1 Hour
Servings: People
  1. Mix the dates, cashews and coconut flour on low/medium speed in a blender
  1. Blend the bananas with vanilla in a blender and spread it in a small pie pan
  2. Mix the blended bananas with the yogurt and pour it on top of the crust
  3. Decorate with the kiwi and berries (or any fruit you like) as you desire.
  4. Place in the fridge and let set for 1 hour and enjoy!
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