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How to Gain Weight, Freedom and Your Life Back!

How to gain weight when you know you need it, but too scared of the idea of not being able to fit your clothes anymore? Or you fear that you won’t look as lean and fit as you used to be. 

You know how to gain weight but too scared to actually do it.

I know how scary it can be when you’re on your weight gain journey. But when you gain weight, you not only gain that you also gain your freedom and life back! Not only that, you also become more of who you really are. You no longer hide by being skinny and tiny. You become physically and mentally stronger.

I highly suggest that you watch these two really good videos that can help you with the fear and mindset: How to gain weight in spite of fear and How to gain weight and overcome fear foods. 

It’s not fun at all when you’re so skinny that you can hardly find clothes that fit you, not to mention LOOK good on you. I hated shopping (still do) because nothing ever looked good on my skinny body. I always felt weak, tiny and out of alignment with myself.

I’m not super big boned, but being super skinny is just NOT my body type, so for me to fight that was ridiculous. When I learned how to gain weight and put on 22 lbs, my body is now fitter, leaner and stronger than ever! Something I did not expect. But I’ll take it!

One thing that really helps is to not just focus on weight gain but how to gain weight healthily 

A lot of us associate weight gain with having to eat unhealthy foods. But you can definitely gain weight with healthy food and healthy exercising as well. I did a combination of both to balance it out, and so I wouldn’t get to scared of bored. With that said, I enjoyed every single bite of the food that I ate. When I started this journey I promised myself I’d enjoy every minute of it, because I deserved to feed my body.

I want you to do the same. Enjoy the whole process, because you’ve punished your body enough with all the dieting and restricting. Use this time to take advantage to eat for joy and nourishment. Looking at it from this perspective is way easier than just focusing on how to gain weight.

If you increase your caloric intake along with strength training workouts, you’ll get a body you’ll love! Like I mentioned earlier, I put on 22 lbs, but I can still fit 90% of my old clothes, and that’s because I’ve built some muscle mass in my body. Muscle is much more compound than fat and therefor take up much less room. This is good news for you!

Here are some foods to eat during your weight gain journey

Drink your calories. No, not pop, sugary drinks or alcohol, although you can, just stay away from the pop please! Increasing calories can be hard, because of the volume all the extra food will take up in your stomach. I had no problem eating a lot extra, but you can always blend your food into soups and smoothies. Adding nut butters, avocado and lots of fruits to your smoothies, will increase your caloric intake without taking up too much room in your belly.

Eat dense foods. Don’t shy away from eating breads, rice, pasta, potatoes and foods that are dense and rich in calories. Even when you’re not trying to gain weight, these foods should still be part of your diet.

Eat late if you can. I remember after dinner, I’d always make me a bowl of oatmeal topped with peanut butter and banana (just like I’d eat for breakfast) and enjoy it an hour or 2 before bed.

Allow yourself to eat a cheat meal at least once a week. You can also make this a full cheat day if you like, but have something you normally don’t eat on a regular basis.  Order a pizza, burgers, fries or you can even make those at home if you feel more comfortable with that.

Decrease cardio and do more strength training. Be sure to not overtrain, but decreasing cardio and doing heavy lifting will build lean muscle mass.

I’m not exactly where I want to be with my body, but I’m soooo much more confident, comfortable and in alignment with myself now. You honestly won’t just gain the weight, you’ll gain happiness and your true self back!

Do you know anyone that needs or wants to gain weight? Forward them this video or article and show them that they’re not alone! If there’s anything you’d like me to cover next, be sure to email me you questions!

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