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How to Get Rid of Bloating With These 5 Simple (Yet Genius) Tricks

Do you often find yourself wondering how to get rid of your bloating? Or why the bloating is there in the first place? It’s one of most uncomfortable feelings one can physically have, not only because you don’t look so sexy when you’re bloated, but you also feel embarrassed. A little bit of bloating after eating and before/during your period is completely normal. If you experience constant bloating then you’ll definitely benefit from these five tricks on how to get rid of bloating. You don’t want to miss the last one especially, so stay tuned for it!

How to get rid of bloating is easier than you think!

First of all it’s really important to pay attention to what foods are causing you bloating. It’s not just about what foods are causing you bloating, but also HOW and What you eat. If you treat your digestive system right it’ll return your kindness.

Being kind can sometimes mean stop chewing gum. When you’re chewing gum you’re getting in excess air into your stomach, and also you’re producing/wasting so many enzymes on that gum, when you could use those enzymes to break down your food!

It can also mean to eat bland and cooked foods for awhile, if you’re digestive system is too sensitive to spices, especially heat. You don’t want to be eating raw broccoli and non spouted beans and grains.

And please stop using artificial sweeteners! They’re toxic and can damage the gut lining and cause leaky gut syndrome, which in turn will cause you bloating.

1) CHEW your food! 

I know how simple this idea is, but most of us don’t slow down when we eat. We almost inhale our food, look down at our plate and before we know it the food is gone. And we wonder why we’re so bloated! For me this has been the case for many years. Because of my go-go-go type of lifestyle I’ve always been in a rush and in a speed to get things done, so my body naturally also wants to eat fast.

Now that I’ve learned to slow down I can engage my senses and body and be present during my meals. Aim to chew your food at least 25 times per bite. I cannot tell you how this has improved my digestion and therefor also reduced my bloating after eating.

2) Hydrate!

Drink lots of water throughout the day. Water can act as a laxative, by lubricating your intestines and moving the food through your digestive tract.

Other ways to stay hydrated is by incorporating some bone broth and herbal teas into your system (I’m not talking about teas that make you shit your pants). Fennel, dandelion, ginger, chamomile are all great teas.

Awhile ago I made a recipe to “beat your bloating” tea that works amazingly. If you’d like to try it out here’s the recipe. How to get rid go bloating tea recipe.

3) Do some yoga for digestion!

If you really want to learn how to get rid bloating, then make yoga a weekly practice. Even just once a week you’ll benefit from it. There’s a specific move that I love to do when I want to improve my digestion, standing up straight with arms crossed over my shoulders and do a figure 8 like movement while in that posture.

I’ve filmed a whole yoga routine specially for digestion and bloating, so go ahead and try this; How to get rid of bloating yoga video.

4) Use a hot water bottle at night! 

I love using a hot water bottle once in a while, especially while on my period. It provides a comforting feeling and also reduces bloating. The heat will help your circulation and move things around as they should.

 5) Breathe deeply and imagine a purple flame in your belly!

I know you’re thinking; how does breathing get rid of bloating?! A lot of times the bloating comes not from just food, but from stress, tension and excess air.

Whenever you feel bloated you can take some nice deep breathes and long slow exhales.

One way I like to do this is breathe in for a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 7 and exhale for a count of 8 for a total of 4 rounds.

While meditating imagine a purple flame in your belly, a symbol for burning away any “gunk” that isn’t serving you. The belly area is where a lot of energy that isn’t serving us collects. This one is so simple, genius and effective. Which is why I saved it till the end!

And this, my friend, is how to get rid of bloating.

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