How To Get Your Period Back

How to Get Your Period Back Naturally With 3 Simple Tips

How to get your period back can be as easy or as

hard as you want it to be

I say that because it depends on what you’re willing to do in order to get your period back. I know you might be afraid of having to gain weight and to reduce your exercising, but it’s important to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable anytime we want something very badly. I used to wish I could get my period back without having to gain weight, but that’s not how it works. Here are three crucial tips on how to get your period back.

How to get your period back tip #1


Eating an adequate amount of carbs will help with a lot of things including calming your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands are responsible for producing stress hormones and you don’t want lots of stress hormones, when you’re trying to get your period back. You need to be taking your body from ‘fight/flight’ and one way to do that is increasing your carbs. It’ll take of some pressure from your adrenal glands and that way help speed up your recovery process.

Another important reason to increase your carb intake is because you’ll be feeding your good bacteria. Our good bacteria loves to munch on carbs and having enough carbs will help you reach optimal gut health. By having good gut health you’ll also be absorbing the right nutrients and therefor providing the right kind of fuel for your body to be able to work on getting your period back.

How to get your period back tip #2


One tip on how to get your period back is sleep. So many things happen to your body while you’re sleeping, it’s restoring, it’s rejuvenating, recharging and so much more. When you’re very underweight you’ll most likely suffer from insomnia, but just because you suffer from sleeping problems from being underweight it doesn’t mean you have to wait to put on weight till you can start working on your sleep. You can work on improving your sleep right now and I promise it’ll make a huge impact on getting your period back. You’re resting while sleeping which gives your body a chance to balance your hormones and restore your period.

I’ve made you a sleep sheet you can download for free here. I share what kind of teas, herbs, movements and affirmations that are best to help you sleep better.

How to get your period back tip #3

Get uncomfortable!

Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. I know this is the last thing you want to hear while working on getting your period back, but you HAVE to gain weight and HAVE to cut down on your exercising. I don’t know anyone who’s been able to continue under-eating and over exercising who’s been able to get their period back. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I also wish I could just get my period back without having to gain weight, but that’s not how it works.


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