how to get your period back

How to Get Your Period Back In 3 Surprising Ways

How to get your period back is a question I get

almost daily

I’ve done a couple of videos on how to get your period back already where I share more of practical types of ways to get your period back. However, I also want to share what to mentally do to help get your period back. I have not seen anyone recommend these types of tips, but they are CRUCIAL, if you not only want to get your period back but also keep it. These three tips I’m about to share can of course also be implemented throughout your entire life and not just while you’re trying to get your period back.

How to get your period back tip #1

Let go of perfectionism, controlling and masculine energy.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong at all with having masculine energy in us. In fact, we all need it, but what I’m trying to say is it’s important that we stop demanding results, being so controlling, being perfectionists about our food, work and so on. Step more into your feminine energy and you’ll feel so much more womanly. I know I didn’t feel very womanly when I didn’t have my period. So this tip was super helpful for me. Not easy, but helpful.

How to get your period back tip #2

Meditate/deep breathing/journaling/releasing.

Whatever you can do to get into your “green zone”/ parasympathetic nervous system that’s also responsible for reproduction, do it! Deep breathing and meditating are some of the best ways to relax and release stress. Spend as much time in your “green zone” as possible and your body will thank you tremendously for it! It won’t have to worry about with all the stress anymore and can now focus on healing and therefor work on getting your period back.

How to get your period back tip #3

Have faith.

You might be thinking what faith has to do with how to get your period back. If you’ve suffered from amenorrhea I bet you’re willing to do anything to get your period back. I can tell you that having faith will serve you more than you can imagine. After you’ve done all the physical “to-do’s” such as eating more, workout less, increase fat and so on, then there’s one last thing. Faith. Know that there’s a power out there that you belong to, that supports you, that has your back. I used to pray and tell God; “I have done, and still keep doing everything on my part, and I know together we can co-create my goal and make my dream come true. Therefore I hand you the rest to take care of, and I trust I will get my period back.”¬†I promise that this faith will take off so much weight off your shoulders, you’ll feel less worried and more at peace.

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