how to speed up metabolism

How To Speed Up Metabolism And Burn More Fat – How To Fix A Slow Metabolism

How to speed up metabolism is something a lot

of dieters want to find out

Before I talk about how to fix a slow metabolism and how to speed up metabolism, let me first explain why it has slowed down in the first place. Under eating and over exercising is definitely going to slow down your metabolism over time. As you’re dieting your body starts to think that it’s in danger and tries to hold onto every single calorie you eat.

Our bodies are smart and they don’t like to be in starvation mode! Adding over exercising will only cause more stress on the body and slow down your metabolism even more. When you’re dieting and exercising like mad every day, a lot of hormonal changes happen in your body, including a decrease of thyroid and leptin levels in order to create homeostasis (or balance) in the body.

Here’s how to speed up metabolism;

Use the exact same things that caused it to slow down in the first place! Food and exercise. First let’s talk about exercise. You need to workout smart. It’s not just about working out hard. It’s about doing the right type of exercise for your body. Mainly you want to focus on strength training and HIIT workouts (I have plenty of those on my channel for you to start doing). Strength training will build muscle and help speed up metabolism. Most people don’t need to workout more than 3-5 times a week and only 30-45 each time.

I talk a lot about how to workout smart and why more isn’t necessarily better in this video so you can learn even more about how to fix a slow metabolism

As far as your diet goes, it’s a good idea to snack three times a day and eat your three meals. Make sure you’re eating enough. Keep in mind whenever you’re feeding your body you’re also feeding your metabolism. However, whenever you’re dieting and under-eating, you’re losing muscle (decreasing metabolism), which can cause weakness and fatigue. Who wants that?!

I hope you found this video helpful and inspiring to start taking action today. The longer you diet the harder it’ll be to fix your metabolism. The sooner you start the better!

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