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What Intuitive Eating Has Taught Me

Intuitive Eating – I’d love to share three things today that intuitive eating has taught me and hopefully inspire you to let go of restriction and start intuitive eating as well. First of all, it wasn’t so easy for me to go from Orthorexia to an intuitive eater. Those two things couldn’t be more opposite of each other, so while you also might have an eating disorder just know that you need to be patient with this process and never give up.

Intuitive Eating Lesson #1

To ditch all the food rules I had been taught AND created for myself. It taught me to give myself full permission to eat whatever I wanted, without worrying about calories or macros or any of that! Basically it taught me that there was food freedom. Something I had completely forgotten excited when I was orthorexic. I honestly was so lost in my orthorexia that I couldn’t even imagine a life where I didn’t at least once worry about food, calories, fat etc. Intuitive eating proved me wrong and I’m so glad it did!

Intuitive Eating Lesson #2

It taught me how to BE around food. It taught me how to be calm, confident and relaxed around food. When there are a bunch of junk food in front of me I know if I want it or not. I eat it if I want to, and don’t eat it if I don’t feel like it. Before, I’d ALWAYS want the junk food, but use “will power” to stay away from it. Now, I don’t have to use any energy when I don’t want a certain food. I could look at the tastiest food and not have it ONLY because I truly don’t want it. It’s no longer a fight with myself and the food. Intuitive eating has taught me to be sane around food, so that even when I’m being offered something that’s considered “bad” I can eat it without guilt and WITHOUT making excuses of how I’m not hungry or always saying no thank you.

Intuitive Eating Lesson #3

I learned that in order to be more aware of my hunger and fulness cues, I also needed to cut down my exercising. When I was working out so intensely most days of the week I’d find it difficult to listen to my body. Slowly but surely after I started working out smart and not just hard, it became easier and easier for me to tune in to my body.

If you’re trying to practice intuitive eating, I’d love to know what you’ve learned about yourself so far. Comment below so we can start a conversation about it!

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