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Intuitive Eating – Did You Know That This Can Affect Your Gut?

Intuitive eating – “It’s better to eat the “wrong” foods with the right mindset than to eat the “right” food with a wrong mindset”. I LOVE THIS quote, because it’s said so perfectly. In some of my previous videos I’ve said something very similar: “You can eat all the kale in the world, but if you’re not nourishing yourself outside your plate, it won’t be as beneficial for you”.

I strongly believe in intuitive eating. Intuitive eating has been such a great help for me once I recovered. Not that it was an easy thing for me to practice, but very well worth it. Intuitive eating can teach you so much about yourself, just like I learned so much about myself! First of all, I believe that everything in moderation is perfectly fine. “Bad” foods can certainly be a part of a healthy diet. In fact I think in order for you to not get bored with your healthy diet, then adding some foods that you consider bad is a great way to keep your diet more exciting. It can be fun to eat healthy, nourishing wholesome foods, but it can also be SO FREAKING boring when you don’t incorporate some other fun foods once in a while. That balance can only be found by you. It looks different on everyone. You can have to try and see what works for you. And here’s another funny thing. When I eat lots of fun foods, my body starts to naturally crave some more nutritious foods soon after. This increases my trust and my “communication” skills with my body. I know I can trust it because it won’t ALWAYS ask for junk foods all the time. I know my body wants to also feel good and that it knows what to ask for most the time.

Second of all, I believe that our mindset can affect the way we physically respond to foods. Our minds are so powerful and what we focus on the most, we also manifest. For example if you’re about to eat a cookie and all you’re thinking about while eating the cookie is what it’s going to do to your body, how many calories, sugar, and artificial junk it has, and you think you will experience a certain feeling or sensation when you eat then you will experience just that, even that cookie wasn’t going make you feel that way in the first place. For example if you think you will break out, bloat or feel like crap after eating dairy (it might be 100% true that you are intolerant, but let’s pretend you aren’t) then you might feel those exact sensations even when the dairy wasn’t going to do this to you in the first place. That’s how powerful our minds are! This is also known as the nocebo effect.

So my question to you now is, what foods are you doing this with? How can you start to relax more around food?

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