Pilates Lower Body Workout – Butt & Thigh Toning

Lower body Pilates exercises are my favorite thing to do after completing a lower body HIIT or strength training workout. It’s a perfect way to burn out your glutes and thighs. I find it more effective to do burnout routines right after another workout instead of doing it as a stand alone routine. You’ll definitely feel the burn and achieve much better results.

With pilates moves you want to make sure that you don’t rush through the range of motion. If you move too quickly, you won’t get the full benefit of this workout. The slower you go the more burn you’ll feel and the more you’ll get out of the exercise.

As you go through all of the exercises make sure you are engaging your core the whole time. Contract your abs and you’ll quickly feel like they’re getting a full workout.

This routine is only 10 minutes long with 10 exercises 45 seconds on 10 seconds of rest.

Lower body Pilates routine: 

Side leg raise (right leg)

Side leg raise (left leg)

Inside thigh raise (left leg)

Inside thigh raise (right leg)

Leg pull (right leg)

Leg pull (left leg)

Leg raise (right leg)

Leg raise (left leg)

Leg drops

Bridge leg extension

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Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing or starting an exercise routine.

You hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries you incur exercising to these videos.

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