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How Much Water Should You Drink?

Everyone has at some point in their life wondered, how much water should I drink? How much water you should drink is completely bio-individual. I will get into that in a little bit, but first let me just remind you that our body is made up of between 60 % – 75 % water. It’s no surprise that how much you drink can affect your health. Too much water could result in mineral imbalances, while too little could cause headaches, fatigue, and dehydration.

On average it is suggested that men should ingest about 3 liters (13 cups) and women about 2.2 liters (9 cups) of water each day. Keep in mind that diet can affect your body’s hydration level as well. A diet that’s high in dark leafy greens and fruits increases hydration in body.

As I mentioned above the amount of water consumption is bio-individual, meaning that it depends on your unique needs and lifestyle habits. For example, if you’re a very active person and live a very physical  lifestyle, then you need to increase your water consumption. Climate also plays a big role. You want to drink more water in warm climates/weather. Other situations to increase your water intake is;

  • High altitude (above 8,200 feet)
  • Illness/incidence of fever
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Infections of the bladder urinary tract
  • Pregnancy/breast feeding
  • High alcohol intake

What type of water is best?

Now you might be asking what type of water is the best to consume? As you already know there’s;

  • Tap water

Tap water is the most readily available, but may not always be the safest option. Some cities have very good purification systems, while others may leave traces of chlorination byproducts, lead, and bacteria.

  • Bottled water

Bottled water has become a popular option for individuals without access to safe tap water; however, there are growing concerns about chemicals from the plastic seeping into the water as well as the effects that the increasing number of bottles has on the environment.

  • Filtered water

Water filters can help remove contaminants when environmental toxins pose a threat to water systems. Therefore, it’s important to know which contaminants are present in your water in order to choose the right filter.

Those are just the most popular water recourses.

Although drinks such as coffee, tea, alcohol, etc contain water they also contain dehydrating agents, so you should never rehydrate with those types of drinks instead of just pure water!

In my workout videos I say “drink lots of water” or “rehydrate yourself”. I also want to mention that you never want to over hydrate your body to the point where you have to wake up at night and pee and be mineral deficient. You have to find the balance for yourself. Like I said dehydration can cause headaches and even sugar cravings. Experimenting with your own body is the best way to find out how much water you truly need.



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