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No Period? – Could This Be Why You’re Not Getting Your Period Back?

No period? I’ve talked a lot about how to get your period back in my past posts and videos, and today comes another one. Today I’m sharing a very possible reason why you’re not getting your period back and what you can do about it. You can check those previous videos out here; No Period

Having no period is not fun

Many people talk about how a low calorie intake could be a reason for not having a period. Which of course is true. But not many people talk about this specific macronutrient’s importance of getting your period back. CARBS! A lack of carbs can be why you have no period. Increasing your carb intake can definitely help get your period back. Why, you might wonder? Let’s first take a look at what carbohydrates are and what they do;

Grains, starchy veggies, rice, beans, legumes, fruits all contain carbs. Our body and our brain thrive on glucose. Our gut also loves carbs, but if you have gut issues then your gut might not like carbs that much. But assuming you have no gut issues, then not feeding your gut bacteria the carbs it needs can also cause gut issues. If you have no period it is absolutely critical that you increase your carb intake to convince your body that it is safe to reproduce and so it doesn’t think it has to be in survival mode all the time.

How much carbs do I need if I have no period

I personally consider anything below 150 grams of carbs a low amount! Wether you have no period and trying to get it back or do have a period and want to maintain it then make sure you’re eating more than 150 grams daily. Because we’re all different we also have different carb intake needs. So you you might need anywhere from 150 – 350+ of carbs depending on how active you are, how tall/big you are and other factors as well. I hate the idea of counting calories and macros, and I’m not saying you should either. But making sure you’re eating at least 150 grams of carbs daily (then increase from there when/if necessary) is very helpful.

The best sources of carbs when you have no period

Everything here is allowed. If you have a background of an eating disorder, then even sugar is fine. Is carbs from whole foods (potatoes, rice, beans etc) a better choice? Absolutely, because those contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for optimal function. But having carbs from not very nutritious sources is perfectly fine as well. You can eat junk food and still be healthy! To me, the stress of making sure you’re eating clean 24/7 is worse than the junk food itself. So there’s no right or wrong here.

Now you might be wondering about your fat intake and why I haven’t talked about them in this article. I always recommend increasing your fat intake when you don’t have a period, and eating a healthy amount is important. Eat enough fats, but carbs are more important, plus increasing your fat intake too much will only make you feel fuller longer and you won’t be able to eat the bigger amount of carbs that you need in order to get your period back.

I hope this post/video was helpful for you and that you’ll consider increasing your carb intake. Share with me your thought in the comments and share it with anyone who needs to be aware of this message!


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