Pilates workout for lower body and abs

Pilates Lean Slim Legs and Toned Flat Abs Workout

This pilates workout for lower body and abs is great for toning and burning your butt, thighs and abs. All in less than 20 minutes. Even though pilates workouts aren’t great at burning calories, it’s still important to incorporate this type of training style into your fitness routine once in awhile, as it’s very effective at strengthening your body and toning it as well.

Pilates is a perfect way to burn out your glutes, thighs and abs. I find it more effective to do burnout routines right after another workout instead of doing it as a stand alone routine. You’ll definitely feel the burn and achieve much better results.

You can use this pilates workout either on a rest day while watching TV, or you can add onto another workout like HIIT or strength training. It will burn your legs and core extra good if you do so. An important thing with pilates is to remember to always be contracting your muscles at hard as you can. For example while doing leg lifts, you should activate your abs by contracting them. This way you’re working your abs “indirectly” as well and it will only give you better results.

Pilates Workout for Lower Body and Abs

We’ll go through a bunch of different of exercises, each one done for 45 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

  • Leg pulls (right leg)
  • Leg pulls (left leg)
  • Side thigh light (right leg)
  • Side thigh lift (left leg)
  • Leg lift (right leg)
  • Leg lift (left leg)
  • Side to side leg lift (right leg)
  • Side to side leg lift (left leg)
  • Bridge leg extentions
  • Bridge walk
  • Bridge arm & leg side extensions (right arm, left leg)
  • Bridge arm & leg extension (left arm, right leg)
  • Leg drop
  • Straight leg drop
  • Double leg extensions
  • Double leg drops
  • Windshield wipers
  • Back bows
  • Bird dog

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