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Here’s How To Boost Your Self Confidence Instantly!

 “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?” I love this thought, because we all forget to appreciate the little things in life, and never acknowledge ourselves for them. When building self confidence and self esteem we go through life taking two steps forward and one step back. We remember the one step back we took but we forget the two steps forward we took also!

Having low self confidence and low self esteem isn’t sexy

You can instantly feel the energy from people who have low self confidence and low self esteem. You feel bad for them, and definitely not look up to them. On the other hand when you’re surrounded by people who have self confidence and good self esteem, you feel a complete different energy. Those are the people who make you feel more at ease, and easier to trust.

We all want self confidence, but we don’t create rituals and take action to make it happen. One of the things to start with, goes back to what I mentioned at the very beginning. We always look at the step back we took in our life, and forget the two steps forward. Why not reverse that?! That’s a really good start to start boosting your self confidence and self esteem.

To boost self confidence and self esteem we need to focus on inner and outer shifts

1 ) Let go of perfectionism and caring about what others think of you. I recently heard this quote form Jim Carry: “Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Risk being seen in all of your glory”. This explains my number one tip perfectly. We’re scared to take action because we care too much of what others think, but what’s scarier is that you also risk being invisible in this world by doing that!

So just go out there and do the things you want to do. Sitting at home wanting to get more confident won’t do that for you. You HAVE to take action. You most likely will “fail” but that failure is going to make you realize that it’s wasn’t that bad, make you stronger and therefor make you more confident.

2 ) Watch your inner dialog! Whatever you’re taking action on you want to be kind to yourself. Let’s say you want to make more friends and you’re at a party and all you’re thinking about is how awkward you are, how you look, how you’re dressed, if people are going to like you and so on. Instead of being “in your head” get curious!

When you’re not in your head you don’t create separation, and when you’re curious you give off a different energy and people can sense that. So get curious about the people you’re meeting, compliment them, and you can always tell them that you’re new and ask if you can join the conversation, and you’ll be surprised how accepting and friendly people are!

3 ) Look at yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. This one is very powerful. Don’t just say nice things to yourself, you have to MEAN and FEEL what you say! Look at yourself in the eyes, say one compliment, pause, let it sink in then move to the next compliment.

If you know anyone who has self confidence and self esteem problems, please share this video or article with them, so you can help them boost those!


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