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How I Went From Having Six Pack Abs To A Pouch

Six pack abs were one of my biggest goals to achieve when I was obsessed with my body image. I remember I’d read every article about how to get six pack abs, do abs workouts every day and so on. Having a six pack isn’t as hard as I thought it was, physically. Do a good amount of HIIT workouts, strength training, eat clean and so on. Although having a strong core is important, having a six pack is the least important thing women should worry about having.

My obsession with six pack abs

I used to be so obsessed with having six pack abs (which I never ever really got), that I’d do multiple abs workouts throughout the day, suck in my belly 24/7 even in my sleep probably! I remember my personal trainer once told me to suck in my stomach, not just during my workout but also throughout the day, so that I could train my muscles/belly to naturally be sucked in all the time. After having practiced this for years it became such a natural habit, but I didn’t see the point in sucking my belly in 24/7. Why did I need my belly sucked in when I was relaxing on the couch watching a movie, or while eating, or driving…? I’d get very insecure if I wore something tight and my belly wasn’t flat. Instead I’d throw on some comfortable lose clothes. But why would I base my clothes according to how my body looked a certain day? Why not let my belly relax, expand and just be take up as much space as it needs to!

I let my six pack abs go

As I mentioned earlier, I never really had six pack abs, but I did get super shredded. After I realized that this was just another obsessive behavior for me, I decided to let my belly just BE however it wanted to be. I consciously started to let it relax whenever I realized I didn’t need my core to be engaged for certain things. When I started to workout less and eating my, my six pack abs slowly started to disappear. But I was okay with it. Because I was NEVER happy even when I did have a flat toned stomach. I’m not saying it’s not okay to have a flat toned stomach, or to never engage your core muscle, because that is very important when you’re working out, lifting heavy things, walking etc. But stopping forcing my belly to be super shredded was just making me miserable.

I even lost my period due to that! I share my story on how I lost my period in several videos here:

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I do have a pretty flat stomach when I do engage my core muscles now, but having six pack abs is just not something I’m born with, and don’t want to have. It’s unnatural for me and accepting my body for what it is, and not forcing it to be different is way healthier.

I wonder if you can relate to this? Do you find yourself engaging your core muscles often, even when you don’t need to?

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