how to stay healthy during the holidays

How to Stay Healthy During The Holidays

How to stay healthy during the holidays is something many people think and stress about this time of year. I used to stress about it a lot in the past. I used to look forward for the holidays, because those were some of the few days out of the year where I’d allow myself eat anything I wanted. But I always worked out extra hard the very next day to “make up” for my “bad” eating. I was not only unhealthy physically (from over exercising and being strict with my food), but also mentally. So how to stay healthy during the holidays, both physically and mentally is exactly what I’m talking about today.

How to stay healthy during the holidays tip 1

This one is easier said than done, but ALLOW yourself to eat everything you want, both before and after the holidays. When you restrict all of the delicious foods for so long you’ll only want to binge on it during the holidays. You won’t have to binge till you’re feeling sick if you just allow yourself to eat whatever you want. This is when people tell me “I’m afraid I’ll lose control if I let go and eat whatever I want”.¬†You’re not binging for no reason. You’re binging because you’ve restricted and your body is screaming for something filling and satiating. Remember eating WHATEVER you want, even the least nutritious foods, can still be part of healthy eating. By allowing yourself to enjoy every single bite, feel the texture, temperature, smell, taste you’ll get more satisfaction out of your food.

My point here is eat whatever you want, go for seconds, thirds, drink your calories and just respect your body. Also, I’d like to add; drink lots of water, especially the next day. A lot of the food you’re not used to eating is typically high in sodium, so drinking lots of water will make you stay hydrated and prevent you from feeling too bloated the next day.

How to stay healthy during the holidays tip 2

Get curious about people around you. Holidays aren’t only about food. They’re also about enjoying the company of your loved ones. So start a conversation with them. Be curious about their lives and get your mind off of yourself.

If you love cooking, make a dessert, a side dish or even a full dish and bring it with you, to wherever you’re going to be celebrating your holidays. I know it always makes me happy when I see others enjoy my food. I have a few super easy recipes that you can check out.

Here are a couple of my favorite treats:

How to stay healthy – No Bake Super Easy and Healthy Fruit Tart

Protein Cookies – Made With 1 Crazy Ingredient

Now, those were my two tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays. I’d love to know which of the two tips you’ll implement or hopefully you’ll implement both! Comment below and let me know.


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