thigh slimming and butt shaping workout

Thigh Slimming and Butt Shaping Workout with Strength, Cardio and Pilates

In only 26 minutes this thigh slimming and butt shaping workout will make you feel like you’ve been working out for an hour! Like I always say; don’t underestimate the shorter workouts. By the way that’s 26 minutes without warm up or cool down. Add those in and you have a roughly 40 minute workout, which is more than enough for the day. 

In this thigh slimming and butt shaping workout we’ll get a little bit of everything; strength training, cardio and pilates. All in one workout. This will keep us from getting bored but also keep challenging our body. I know a lot of people do the same types of exercises when they workout a certain muscle group. It’s easy to get bored that way, and hard to work the lower body muscles thoroughly. I’ve incorporated many new and different moves in this routine, in order to prevent our lower body from plateauing, and also to make the workout more fun. I’m pretty sure you’ll like this routine because it’s very different from my other lower body workouts I’ve filmed so far. We’re going to be doing a bunch of lunges and squats with burning pulses, so we can work our butt from all angles!

The most important thing to always be checking, while working out, is your form. Even as I went back and did this workout, I noticed that my form wasn’t perfect. This gives me even more reason to mention to you guys how important this part is. I suggest that you use a mirror if you need it as a guide (just to get an idea of how you keep your form throughout the workouts). I’ll definitely do that for next workout.

Workout Structure 4 groups of 3 different exercises. 45 seconds on 15 seconds off x 2

Group 1

Back Lunge + Front Leg Raise

3 Pulse Squat

Front Lunge + Rear Leg Raise

Group 2

Side Lunge + Inside Leg Raise

Squat Lunges

Curtsey Lunge + Side Leg Raise

Group 3


Front & Back Squat Walks (4 Steps Each Way)

Sumo Squats

Group 4


Squat Jumps

Jumping Lunges

Let me know what you think of this video by leaving a comment below. I’m open for any suggestions on what you want to see next, so speak up! If you like my channel please share it with others so they can join as well. As always thank you so much for working out with me!

Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing or starting an exercise routine.You hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries you incur exercising to these videos.

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