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Upper Body Strength Training with Fat Burning Cardio and Abs

This upper body strength training workout with cardio and abs is an awesome routine to tone your arms, biceps, triceps, chest and more. Plus strength training is a great way to build muscle mass, increase your metabolism and burn a good amount of calories. Combined with some cardio and abs moves it’ll help increase the calorie burn even more and tone those abs and obliques!

Warm up and cool down are included and you will need some weights to complete this workout. If you don’t have any weights use water bottles, books or anything with some weight to it. If you do have a good selection of weights then I really encourage you to lift as heavy as you can. This will help increase the calorie burn and just make the results more effective overall.

After we’re done with our warm up (30 sec per exercise) we will start our actual routine with 3 groups total, each group containing 2 strength training exercises, 1 50 sec cardio move and 1 50 sec abs/obliques move.

Warm up

Arm circles back & front

Arm swings

Lateral & ventral raises

Walk down + pushup

Squat + twist

Jumping jacks

Arm pulls + knee up

Push arm + lunge

Upper body strength training, cardio & abs

Group 1

Chest press

Bent over row

Burpee + twist

Upward facing plank + leg raises

Group 2

Arnold press

Overhead tricep extention (I called them pull over)

Clap jack burpee

Knee to albow plank

Group 3

Bicep curl

Bentover tricep extention

Switch foot mountain climbers

Plank hip dips + toe reach

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