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Weight Loss Diet Warning – Why You Should Stop Dieting IMMEDIATELY!

Weight loss diet (s) are the biggest waste of time, energy and money. First of all we all know diets don’t work. When people write diet books or suggest specific diets for people to go on, there are a lot of things they haven’t taken into consideration. The simplest thing being that we’re all different and unique bio-individuals. One persons food can literally be another persons poison. While a specific way of eating might work for one person, it won’t necessarily work for you as well.

Weight loss diet warning #1

Dieting teaches the body to retain more fat when you start eating again. Due to the fact that you’ve deprived it the necessary nourishment, it automatically slows down the metabolism, and the body naturally wants to hold on to every calorie consumed to protect you. In fact, chronic dieting slows the rate of weight loss significantly! So, if weight loss is your goal, the least effective thing you can do, is go on a diet. If you focus on something as simple as getting better sleep, your chances to lose weight (AND sustain it) are way higher than dieting. I’ve created a sleep sheet guide where I provide practical and spiritual advice to improve your sleep, if that’s something you struggle with.

Weight loss diet warning #2

Dieting increases binges and cravings. How bad do you want a food that you’ve restricted? How often do you tend to overeat that food? If you weren’t dieting, you’d have a little bit of whatever food you wanted and you’re a lot less likely to binge on it. When your body knows you’re not going to restrict it or even starve it, there’s no reason for it to make you binge or overeat.

Weight loss diet warning #3

This one is a big shocker! Yo-yo dieters who keep gaining the weight back, tend to regain the weight in the abdominal area. This type of fat storage increases the risk of heart disease. Dieting can increase the chance of a premature death. A thirty-two-year study of more than three thousand men and women in the Framingham Heart Study, showed that people who’s weight keeps going up and down, have a higher death rate and twice the risk of heart disease! In fact, chronic dieting may be as harmful to the body as staying obese!

*Framingham Heart Study

It’s okay to ask for help!

If you can’t stop dieting, you can end your battle with food! I know it’s going to be hard to let go of “control” of your calorie intake and just trust your own body, but with practice it’ll get easier. It’s normal for this process to be difficult, because you have to unlearn everything you’ve been taught. Consider asking yourself the following questions;

How much longer are you going to continue dieting and mistreat your body?

How much longer are you going to restrict, binge and repeat?

If you want 1:1 help from someone who’s dealt with disordered eating, exercise addiction and even amenorrhea, then I’m the perfect person to help you end your own battle!

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