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What I Eat In A Day After Eating Disorder Recovery

What I eat in a day after eating disorder recovery? That’s exactly what I’m showing you today. I want to take you with me through a full day of eating after I’ve recovered from orthorexia and exercise addiction. This is just a typical day for me, mostly eating out. I don’t eat the same exact things everyday, as it gets boring and I also prefer not to eat out much since I love cooking myself. But I’m here to show you that IT’S POSSIBLE to recover from an eating disorder, eat whatever you want and start to live again! My only goal is to listen to my body and eat as intuitively as I can. I still have a few days where I binge. But when I binge it’s not because I’ve deprived myself, it’s due to being to stressed out and not taking any time out for myself. Watch this video where I talk about binge eating in a way no one else talks about.

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A veggie omelette with potatoes and a couple slices a toast. In the past I would’ve worried about the eggs not being organic and the bread not being wholewheat. But today I eat those things as long as I WANT, wether it’s for physical or mental pleasure.


Homemade red beet hummus and tabule.


Pizza with a ton of veggies and kalamata olives! If you can get kalamata olives as a topping at your pizzeria, make sure to get them! They add the perfect saltiness. I ate the entire pizza by myself, and was full till we had a late dinner.


Steak, salad, asparagus and a few bites of my husbands baked potato.

I’d love to know what a typical day of eating is like for you currently? How would you like your full day of eating to look like?

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