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What I Eat In A Day – How To Eat Healthy WITHOUT Dieting

“What I eat in a day” videos have not been my favorite videos to watch in the past, because I’ve seen lots of people make the mistake of thinking that they should eat exactly the same as everyone else. Lots of people “force” their diets onto others because they think that their way of eating is exactly how everyone else on Earth should be eating.

What I eat in a day is going to be different than everyone,

including myself from day to day

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there’s no one size fits all type of diet. We all have different dietary needs and should respect our body’s needs. Let’s say you live in Hawaii and thrive on raw foods with a bunch of fruits and veggies. Well, that diet would literally harm someone else who lives in colder climates, such as Greenland!

Therefor I’d like you to use this video as a reference, as an inspiration as to what you COULD be eating and not what you SHOULD be eating. I never like to tell people exactly what to do. That’d be selfish because it’s just coming from my own point of view. Instead, I like to let you know that you can, through trial and error, find what works best for you.

Just because my “what I eat in a day” videos are mainly plant based now, it doesn’t mean I’ll thrive this way forever

The majority of summer I eat lots of fruits, smoothies and cooler foods in general. In the colder months I love eating soups, chilis, more meats and drinking hot chocolate.

Also, on days that I workout I naturally tend to eat more than days that I don’t workout. Never ever do I count calories, macros, or track my workouts. I feel that I’m in a much healthier place mentally and physically with food and I don’t want to go back to my restrictive old habits. Plus, listening to my own body rather than an app that tells me how much to eat, has been so liberating.

Once you get to a point where you never count calories and just trust your body, you’ll feel so empowered. You’ll feel that you’ve reached a huge goal that you never thought you could reach. And I love this feeling of food freedom. No one tells me what, where, how and when to eat. Now, it’s just me and my body! And I want to honor my body’s needs just like I encourage you to honors yours.

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Let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this one, and I’d be happy to continue making them.

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